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Dr. David Gehling, D.C.

Welcome to the Chiropractic Lifestyle

By following their doctor's advice, millions of chiropractic patients have enjoyed relief and better health. Care programs are designed for your unique health problem. 

After setting an appointment and arriving for your first visit, you'll enjoy the friendly staff and vibrant atmosphere. After completing some simple paperwork to help the doctor understand the history of your health, you'll meet the doctor.

Your doctor will review your health history and determine if your problem is likely to be helped with chiropractic care. If it is, a through examination usually follows. Your reflexes may be tested, your ability to turn and bend, and other standard orthopedic, neurological, and chiropractic tests will be conducted. If necessary, X-ray views of your spine may be taken.

Your doctor will study the results of these examinations and explain what they mean. If X-rays were taken you'll see them and have all your questions answered. Then the doctor will recommend a care program designed for your unique health problem.

With a complete understanding of your condition, you're ready for your chiropractic spinal adjustment. Adjustments help restore proper spinal and nervous system function, promoting the healing process. Treatment may also include the use of Electro-Muscle Stimulation or Ultrasound Technology. Continued visits help retrain the supporting muscles and ligaments of your spine. Periodic examinations will monitor your progress.

More and more people are beginning chiropractic care because they want a natural approach to health, avoiding addictive drugs or irreversible surgery.

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